About Zachary's Fine Jewelry

Zack Dulgerian, born in Istanbul, Turkey, started to apprentice as a jeweler at age 15.  Zack’s passion for designing beautiful jewelry and dedication to his customers has transformed the small business he began in the U.S. into a worldwide jewelry manufacturer. 
His dream grew over the years and he yearned for a retail store.  When he finally found the perfect location in the heart of Huntington Village in 2008, his visions became a reality.  With the help of his wife, May and their daughter, Laura,  they opened a jewelry store completely unlike any store on Long Island.  The majority of all the pieces are manufactured upstairs & designed personally by Zack. 
Zachary’s unique collection includes a wide selection of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings from the latest trends to classic styles.  The remarkable merchandise vary from fashion silver jewelry to elegant gold & diamond designs.  Perfect for any price range.
Here at Zachary's, it is our goal that you receive the best personal service and jewelry advice.  Since we are a family run business, there is a no-pressure environment.  Zack can custom design jewelry for you or change existing jewelry based on your specifications. 

Everyone dreams of that perfect piece of jewelry; find yours at Zachary's